Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doctor, I Have a Smartphone!

Take a look around the waiting room. Everyone is texting or browsing the web on their phones.They're all going about their daily business when we have the potential to capture their full attention! This is actually where we came up with the idea for thatQRcode (although we have been focusing on restaurants of late.) 

First of all, there is the comments and suggestions box. Hand your survey card to the patient on their way out after you have won them over and charmed them to no end! Post a code on the door too, you need to know if the waiting room is messy, if there is a lack of attention to the bathroom, etc.

In regards to patient info, you can either generate your own content, or link to it out on the web. At least pick and choose what you would like your patients to see. For example, lets take the dentist office. Those pictures of rotten teeth on the wall are awesome, but you should let the customer take that info with them. The moment a QR code is scanned, its in their phones history until they delete it. Put a "for more information" code that shows your patients the dangers of not flossing!

At the counter, put a code with your hours and contact info, and website address. Most code readers allow you to save the info to you phone's contacts, and more easily share the info (like for directions and rides)

Thats all for now, please let me know how you are using QR codes in the medical profession. Send thoughts to