Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doctor, I Have a Smartphone!

Take a look around the waiting room. Everyone is texting or browsing the web on their phones.They're all going about their daily business when we have the potential to capture their full attention! This is actually where we came up with the idea for thatQRcode (although we have been focusing on restaurants of late.) 

First of all, there is the comments and suggestions box. Hand your survey card to the patient on their way out after you have won them over and charmed them to no end! Post a code on the door too, you need to know if the waiting room is messy, if there is a lack of attention to the bathroom, etc.

In regards to patient info, you can either generate your own content, or link to it out on the web. At least pick and choose what you would like your patients to see. For example, lets take the dentist office. Those pictures of rotten teeth on the wall are awesome, but you should let the customer take that info with them. The moment a QR code is scanned, its in their phones history until they delete it. Put a "for more information" code that shows your patients the dangers of not flossing!

At the counter, put a code with your hours and contact info, and website address. Most code readers allow you to save the info to you phone's contacts, and more easily share the info (like for directions and rides)

Thats all for now, please let me know how you are using QR codes in the medical profession. Send thoughts to

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

QR's in the Restaurant

I see barcodes everywhere. Here are a couple of thoughts.
  • On the way in, put a QR link to your carryout menu. People walk in all the time to check out the menu, this way they get to take it home with them.
  • Put a QR code on the table tent (is that what they are called?) which is linked to a form so the customers can complement the chef... yes, its a gutsy move. People may be more likely to file a complaint! But if somethings wrong in your restaurant, dont you want to know?
  • Is there a problem with this bathroom? Post a QR code with a "Needs Attention" button (this can trigger a text message to someone who cares!) Or, have your attendants scan the code instead of writing in an easily faked log sheet.
  • At the bar, post some QR codes linked to a multi-media presentation of some fancy cockails. What's in a Sex on the Beach anyway? its not like the bartender can even hear my question anyway! Let the QR code do the talking.
  • Again at the bar, what bands are playing next week anyway? Scan it and find out.
  • On the way out, put a QR code on the door linked to specials and events, so your customers come back!
  • Your begging your customers to follow you on facebook right? Get instant gratification by linking them immediately to your page.
  • On the way out... do you have more locations... show them a list
  • Dont open till noon? a code on the door will let them leave you a message, maybe place a lunch order?
Pick and choose wisely, too many codes may spoil the broth!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Welcome to the thatQRcode blog!

Greetings folks, our quick QR code generation site went live this week with much fanfare! We called the event "Bourbon and Barcodes" and celebrated at our favorite local establishment.

Our mission is to allow our customers to be able to quickly generate a QR code, print it, post the code on the wall/window/table/door of their establishment and receive feedback from smartphone users... all in less than 5 minutes! Please try it at:

Right now, our service is free, and you can generate one code per email address. We are scanning good ideas for our "premium" services to be launched soon. Please follow our blog and spread the word!