Wednesday, November 16, 2011

QR's in the Restaurant

I see barcodes everywhere. Here are a couple of thoughts.
  • On the way in, put a QR link to your carryout menu. People walk in all the time to check out the menu, this way they get to take it home with them.
  • Put a QR code on the table tent (is that what they are called?) which is linked to a form so the customers can complement the chef... yes, its a gutsy move. People may be more likely to file a complaint! But if somethings wrong in your restaurant, dont you want to know?
  • Is there a problem with this bathroom? Post a QR code with a "Needs Attention" button (this can trigger a text message to someone who cares!) Or, have your attendants scan the code instead of writing in an easily faked log sheet.
  • At the bar, post some QR codes linked to a multi-media presentation of some fancy cockails. What's in a Sex on the Beach anyway? its not like the bartender can even hear my question anyway! Let the QR code do the talking.
  • Again at the bar, what bands are playing next week anyway? Scan it and find out.
  • On the way out, put a QR code on the door linked to specials and events, so your customers come back!
  • Your begging your customers to follow you on facebook right? Get instant gratification by linking them immediately to your page.
  • On the way out... do you have more locations... show them a list
  • Dont open till noon? a code on the door will let them leave you a message, maybe place a lunch order?
Pick and choose wisely, too many codes may spoil the broth!

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